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“Indulge me if you will; picture this:…” he said as if speaking from the center of a circus ring or to an enamored classroom full of undergraduates. He was however speaking to his nephew who rolled his eyes so intensely the musculature controlling his eyelids ached for a moment. Jerome continued undaunted. “Picture this: a…

Up On A Time

“What does ‘Once upon a time…’ mean anyway,” she muttered to herself and her then still supportive best friend who got a chuckle out of it. ‘Think it out before you’re skeptical of something’ the almost annoyingly soft voice of her least hated teacher chimed in Luz’ head. Upon, on a time, on time means…


The caravan took the space of about four playing fields when it stopped like this, moving from a straight orderly three family-or-other-social-unit-wide line to a snakelike formation encircling each caravan leader’s makeshift hut like a semi-formed spiderweb. A seemingly person-made plateau had been spotted at the caravan leader’s ten o’clock position and scouts had been…

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